Saturday, July 15, 2006

Toilets and coconut

Well, I know I wrote yesterday, but here I am again. I'm waiting for my boat to Koh Phangnan, and am taking the opportunity to send some e-mails, and charge my ipod. Speaking of ipods, I love mine. I can't believe I went through a year in Korea without one.

Anyway about the title. I was thinking the toilets here would be more like Korean toilets -squatters, but I have yet to see a squater that's the same as in Korea. These ones don't have flushers, so you have to figure out how to pour the water down quickly enough as to give the force needed for a cleansing flush, but not with enough force that the water will splash back out and hit you. I'm getting pretty good at it except for the odd time when I have just had a vodka bucket with redbull.

As for coconuts, I have never really had a lot of coconut in my life, but I gotta say it, drinking from a coconut under a cool hut on the beach is the best thing ever. Delicious. Coconuts are wonderful wonderful things.

And 2 for 1 vodka buckets... definately meant to share... unfortunately there are just two of us, so we had to drink both of them. Quite the night. (That's all I'm going to say.)

My camera has dead batteries, and I haven't been able to get new ones yet... I haven't tried either, but Katie has her camera, and I will see if there are any good ones to add onto the blog.

Okay, enough. To all you Korean buddies hope you had a blast at the Mud Fest. I'm almost jealous to have missed it. It was a great time last year, and would have been even better this year with all of you there! But then again, I'm enjoying coconuts on the beach so... I'll get over it.


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