Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thailand Photos

Here are some pictures that took forever to get posted. I think from now on four at a time are all I can handle if they work atr all. The first one is of me getting a Thai massage by the elephants. Actually, for everyone else, it was just the little one stepping on the back, and kissing our necks, but I was lucky enought to have the big one come and kiss me as well. The second one is after the monkey show, when they let people come up and hold the monkey's hands. I fell in love with that monkey. This was done on our elephant trek/safari adventure in Koh Samui. The thirs one, I probably shouldn't feel comfortable enough to show on a blog for everyone to see, but it's me in my bikini on a boat headed from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi (close to where The Beach was filmed). You can see how much darker I've gotten. Umm, I burned that day, however, so now I'm even darker. And the last one is obvious, but this is at the night market when I was trying on a bar, and got my boobies grabbed. I bought the bra shortly after. She did well to pose for the picture, and although it looks like she's getting a good grab at this point, it was not half as much grabbing as she did before the picture!

Anyway, we went to this place called Ancient Thailand today, that I found in the LP and made Katie visit it. I'm glad we did. We rode around on a two person bike, and saw all of Thailand... shrunken Thailand I guess, but it was pretty cool.

So tomorrow I will finally get my Taiwan Visa done and finished, and then we will be relaxing for the rest of the day.


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