Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Paradise only lasts so long... then you get bored

So my days in Thailand are coming to a close. We left Phuket two days ago and have been in Bkk ever since. I'm not liking it as much as I thought I would. As much as I complained about Seoul, I loved it at the same time, and I'm not loving Bkk in the same way. The people seem friendlier on the outside, but really they don't want to help you unless they somehow make money off of you.

We had been planning to take one more trip before we go, but the 'helpful' travel agents messed that up for us. We were originally going to come back to Bkk to get my 60 day tourist visa figured out for Taiwan, but the travel agents we spoke to the first time we were in Bangkok told me that there was no Taiwan embassy, and that I had to go to the Chinese embassy. Believing they knew what they were talking about, and because the Lonely Planet has a list of embassies that doesn't include Taiwan, I believed them. We got a cab to the Chinese Embassy Tuesday morning, and after waiting in line forever, and even asking once if I was doing the correct form for Taiwan, I got up to the front and was told to go to the Taiwan Embassy.

Let me explain something about getting visas at embassies... they are only open for Visas in the morning, so of course, when we arrived (finally) to the Taiwan embassy, they were closed, and we had to return the next day. Which basically ruined any trips we had planned to take. I went back today, and applied and payed, but can't pick it up until tomorrow (although I won't be home tomorrow, so I have to get it the next day). Drama drama drama.

But in other news, while at a night market, I was looking at bras, and after actually putting the bra on me, the sales woman grabbed my boobs on the street... I think she liked it, and I also got to teach her the word 'boob'. I bought the bra because I figured after grabbing my boobs she deserved a little something... and the bra is nice as well!

We have two more day trips planned for Thailand, and then we head out on Monday. Tomorrow (Thurs) we are going to an Ancient City -bright and early in the am. The next day, (Fri) I get to pick up my passport, and the day after (Sat) we are going to the Floating Markets, and to get pictures taken with drugged tigers... i think they are drugged... that's what stops me from getting eaten!?

Oh yeah, also on Sunday I will be going to the weekend market which is supossed to be the best market in Thailand... and I'm getting better at bartering, but Katie is the real expert. So I will probably be buying some gifts at that point, but don't get your hopes up about getting them really quickly... I have a year... Sunday night we are going to a Black Eyed Peas concert. I'll fully admit that I have no idea what Black Eyed peas sing, I'm sure I've heard it before, but I have never really payed attention, or been a fan. I also had no idea they were Canadian until Katie told me. She's pretty excited about seeing a C'dn band in Thailand, and I'm pretty excited about seeing a band in Thailand, no matter who it is.

We also went to a movie today. Apparantly when you go to the theater they do the National anthem before the movie begins. It was a bit lacking, but we stood up for the King. The movie was Lady in the Water. It was pretty good, I wasn't a fan of some parts, but others made up for it.

Tonight during supper we watched the supper of You Me and dupree (I think that's what it's called), some of the hotels have 'movie nights' from the burned movies, but neither of us could wait for the end of the movie... not too good.

And that's it.


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