Monday, July 24, 2006

Coconuts and pineapples

Just a short post today to talk about my love for coconuts. It's the only food that I know that tastes good everywhere. Coconuts are delicious by themselves, as a a drink, as a shake, as a pina coloda, as curry or as soup... However, pineapples are only good as a shake or by themselves, they ruin every other food they are in... unlike bananas... they are just bad altogether.

Enough food talk. I didn't end up surfing again today or yesterday. Yesterday we went to explore the Islands outside of Phuket (Koh Phi Phi) (pronounced PeePee). We went on a speed boat, which the brochure deemed 'The Fastest One'. We snorkelled near Monkey Island, and passed the Island that The Beach was made in. It was a good day... I came home bright red though. So today before we go we thought we'd go surfing, or do something, but the waves are HUGE, and I'm still too red to go out.

We are headed back to Bangkok tonight for one or two days. I need to get my Taiwan Visa figured out, and then we will try to hit one more Island before going to Taiwan.

More later.


By the way, I still haven't been able to post more pics on here, some of the computers are pretty stubborn.

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