Friday, July 14, 2006

Finally an update with some news!!!

I am finally done the huge travelling part of my travels, and have been relaxing and enjoying this stunningly beautiful place.

We left Bangkok on a bus to get on a boat to go to Koh Tao (an Island that people use mainly for scuba diving -but apparently more quiet than others). We got on the bus at about 8pm for a six hour trip to the bus. (it was going to be an over night trip with the bus/boat). HOWEVER, our bus broke down, and we sat in the bus that no longer had working air con for five hours. That's not including the times it stopped before that to try to fix it. The trip wasn't looking good, but I knew they'd figure something out. At 5am a new bus came to pick us up, and many many hours later we had to wait for a different boat.

Katie and I got to Koh Tao, got in the back of a truck (the cabs) and drove to Freedom beach where we got ourselves a nice bungalow with the most beautiful view ever.

We jumped into the ocean as soon as changing out of our two day old outfits. (Seriously it was like the trip from Canada all over again).

We also got out Thai massages of the day. It's the second one we have gotten since being here, and this one didn't work out so well for me. It may have been a little of PMS's fault, but the lady was stepping and twisting me in all the wrong places. The good news is, I think she snapped my messed up thumb back into place after being messed up since way before I left Korea.

Speaking of Korea, I've been seeing so many Koreans since coming here, and have talked to some of them as well. (In English!) Actually I've seen people from almost everywhere except Canada.

Back to my life. Today we got up early and went on a snorkeling expedition. We snorkeled in four different places around the island. (going by boat). And it was a great great day. This place is beautiful!!

After dinner at our resort of Freedom, we went for more massages. I decided to go with an oil massage, and Katie decided to as well. Mine went fine, but Katie got a little more than she bargained for. (A lot more.) I for one have been laughing ever since, and thankful that I got the other massager... Might be back to Thai massages for Katie!

Tonight we are going to a Party thing by the dock. The poster said two for one vodka buckets, and frankly I couldn't turn that down.

Tomorrow we are headed to Koh Phangan which is also where Hana and Jeff said. I'm really happy to see Hana, and I know she will know all the best shopping places!!!

I've been eating the Thai food, and enjoying both it and the spiciness (except the really spicy pepper thing that made my tongue burn for about an hour after.)

Also I've been taking lots of pictures, and will send some when I can.



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Anonymous said...

glad you finally got to a beach. Congratulations on managing to enjoy the broken bus trip. Hope you get to see Hannah and Jeff soon.