Friday, July 21, 2006

Bad day to write

I probably shouldn't write anything today because I'm having a sad/bad day. I've been up since 6am, and travelling to Phuket for most of the day.

I'm sad because I met somebody I really got along with in Koh Phangan and everything seems impossible -crushes are useless most of the time, but especially when I know I'll never see them again.

I'm really sad because I got an email from my mom with some bad news and all I want to do is go home and hug her, and everyone else in my family. I love you, mom. I wish I was home to hug you!!

However, my trip is still going well, and when I have more time and more patience, I will once again try to put more pictures on here. It is frustrating though, which is why I only got 9 in the last one, and two ended up being the same.

On the 18th, we went to the Half Moon Party, (where I met my new crush) but right before going, I decided to get myself a tattoo. It was a bamboo tattoo, and the man who did it, listened to what I wanted and designed it himself. So it's an original anklet tattoo with a prairie Lily on it to match my shoulder. The Half Moon Party was a fun time, and I was sad to leave the next day for Koh Samai, but at the same time, ready to go. I am also happy that I had my soju drinking practice in Korea because it helped me out in not drinking disgusting buckets too quickly.

We went for an elephant trek yesterday in Koh Samai. We watched an elephant show, got a Thai massage by an elephant (I got elephant kisses) and got to hold a monkeys hand... It was nice. We rode on an elephant for about a half hour, and then went in a Safari Jeep to waterfalls that we were able to swim in. After that we went for a canoe ride in a rubber canoe... Kind of Kayakish actually. It was a wonderful day.

Today we haven't really done anything but travel to Phuket, but tomorrow I will go surfing for the first time. I'm pretty excited about learning... Nervous at the same time... I mean really, I can't even stay on a skateboard! Oh well, I need to learn so I can do it in Taiwan when I get there.

Speaking of Taiwan, I'm pretty excited to go there now. I am almost Thailanded out, and am looking forward to a change in pace.

I have to go, I'll write more and add pics when I'm in a better mood!


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