Tuesday, October 26, 2010

movie watching and facebook addictions

I'm taking a break from my story. I've told the main part, but the truth is, I don't want to continue everyday with the same story because you might thing that was the worst of it, but things apparently needed to get a lot worse before they got better. I'm still working on the better, but it keeps getting better. Turning 30 really helped me get off my butt, and try to help myself. I guess the fog lifted.

I am a Facebook user. Have been for quite a while, and while I don't have many addictions in my life, I can honestly admit that Facebook is mine. I quit once last year. Not actually quit or stopped the account, but decided to stop going on for a month. I don't know if I made it, but the plan didn't work out. I somehow ended up back on it. It hasn't gotten better. I can waste so much time on Facebook when I should be doing important things -like writing, or calling friends, or cleaning my house, or walking my dog.

In my effort to change my life, I need to get off the couch more, and spend more time actually changing my life. I don't want to get rid of Facebook because I'm in contact with so many people who I never would have kept in contact with (but wanted to). I'm always pretty picky about who I'm friends with and who I keep as my friends. I spend too much time on it though, and too much time not doing anything productive on it. I just need to control how much time I spend on it.

Last night, Cam and I went to the movie The Social Network. Somehow, seeing it made me want to slow down the Facebook using. I need to get back to real life, and spend less time in TV land or facebooking. The movie itself wasn't bad. I usually like movies that have more characters that make me like them. I watched the movie trying to figure out if the main character had any redeeming qualities other than his sarcastic humour. It definitely made me think though, and made me more interested in the real story. Either way, after watching it, I decided to go on Facebook only during the weekends, and only when I'm home.

Believe me, this is a hard addiction to beat. Modern technology has made it SO easy to Facebook with no problems. My cell phone has 'Friend Stream', if I scroll over I see every body's updates. So not only do I have to stay away from it on the computer, but not check on my phone as well.

This entry is going no where, but that's okay. I figure blogging keeps me away from Facebook. Also should help me finish the story quicker. I've just finished Day one of not going on Facebook, and while that doesn't seem all that impressive, I can guarantee that it is for me.

More changes to come: less TV, more exercise, and better eating habits (to lose weight). Also I'm going to work on budgeting, and paying off debts. It will all come someday I hope.

Until tomorrow...

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