Friday, August 04, 2006

my own sauna

The place in this hostel that has the one crappy computer, is so hot that I think I may be losing weight just sitting here. This was going to be a longer entry, but now I'm looking forward to getting back to my air con room.

Can I just say that Thailand may be the cheapest place in the world, and I'm sad that we had to leave it to live in this pricy place for three weeks. Korea was so much cheaper it seemed. I've been doing a lot of comparing between the two (Korea and Taiwan) since I've been here, and have noticed a lot of differences. Most important is the price of things. Second most important is how different and easy the subway system is here. I enjoyed the complicated Seoul one though.

So here is my update for anyone who cares. I am not going to stay here for a year. With all the trouble with the crappy new ex job, I had a thought. I don't want to be here. I don't want to teach for another year in a country where nobody speaks English, and where foreignors tend not to talk to one another unless it's at a bar. Taiwan seems like an absolutely beautiful place, and it would have been nice to teach here, but I need a break from it. I'm going to go home for a year, get a job, and apartment in Saskatoon, help with Karen's wedding (YAH), attend two other weddings that I know about, and see my family. After my year is over, I'll make a new plan... Actually I've already decided to buy the Lonely Planet for Ireland and have it near me all the time, so it will give me initiative. I am going to get there!

So for those of you planning to see me in Taiwan, I'm sorry my plans changed. I felt absolutely horrible about giving up or quitting. For anyone who knows me, you know that I don't quit (accept for volleyball), and I don't take it lightly that I am stepping away from a committment. However, coming home is going to be incredibly hard as well because it will be a step towards doing that growing up thing that I swore I wouldn't do. We'll see what happens. My guess is I'll only last a year... but I promise (Karen) that I will stay for a year!

Anyway, we are heading out of Taipei tomorrow, which will be nice. I'm enjoying the city, but am looking forward to heading to some coasts and going surfing and swimming. (but once again, it won't be as cheap as Thailand). I miss Thailand now!

Okay, if I can find a computer from a far, I will definately update or add pictures, but I don't even see any place in Taipei that has them, which is strange. (Once again, in Korea, there was a PC room on every street).


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