Sunday, August 06, 2006

hot hot hot

I'm kind of looking forward to winter in Saskatchewan. Although the cold usually gets too cold, I've always loved winter -the briskness, the snow, all of it. I guess that gives me something to look forward to... but job first!

Here -it is hot. Always always hot. However everywhere has aircon so you go from hot hot hot to cold cold cold to hot hot hot, and there is never an in between.

I just realised how tired I am, and that this is boring even for me typing it.

Right now we are in the second largest city called Koahsiung. Katie knows a friend of a friend from Calgary who is teaching English here. I've learned that there are as many Canadians as there are in Korea teaching. They seem to be enjoying it, but it hasn't changed my mind about going home for a while. The place these two Calgary girls live in is absolutely beautiful. I'm in love with it. They pay rent themselves, but the place is so great, and has everything. Katie and I are lucky to be able to stay here. So we've been hanging out with English teachers. So far, two Canadians, a Kiwi, and an American girl (who has lived everywhere). It's about the same as in Korea, Saturday nights are the nights where they let loose, and drink a lot of beer. I certainly enjoyed it! We also went to the beach, but were not allowed to swim because it's ghost month, and they don't want us to drown or be drowned by the ghosts... not sure really yet all about that.

Today we relaxed most of the day (got over the tiredness from the Sat Beer night) and then went out for supper at a nice Mexican restaurant. We also went to the night markets here... I love markets, but I really miss shopping in Korea. The stuff seemed cheaper, but maybe it's because I'm on a budget now that I don't have a job.

Tomorrow we will do some sort of sightseeing in the morning, and then take the bus to Kenting (which is at the bottom of Taiwan), and hopefully go surfing and swimming, and everything. We are leaving some things here, as to make our backs hurt less from all of our things, and then when we come back here we can stay one more night and then get on the train to our next destination. (Don't know where yet).

My brain just shut off.


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