Saturday, August 04, 2012

A good ending!

I hate bad endings. That being said, my books will probably not be uplifting endings, but not bad either. (I'll let you know if I ever get to the end). Either way, last blog entry was not a happy ending.

So, even though I don't know if anybody who read it will come back and read again, just to let you  know, this morning, I got out of bed. I socialised, I cleaned up (showered, shaved my legs, washed my hair), and I had a cup of coffee.

I had a friend cancel plans to Fringe with me. So I came by myself. I brought my 'new-to-me' laptop, and I've been watching street performers, eating delicious street food, looking at things I'd love to buy, and I even went to a hilarious play by myself. Also, I'm writing. I've stopped at two pubs (one patio, one rooftop), had a beer in each, and have been writing. Things are good. My heart is light.

That's it. Back to writing, and looking like an eccentric writer. Got my head phones in as well, so I'm happy as hell.

By the way, the break from fb, is only half in effect. I'm not so good at the quitting.

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