Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not knowing how much you miss things

I started this blog post about a week ago. I wrote the post title and than two words. Nehal and library. And then I didn't return to it as quickly as I should have.

I wrote Nehal because I recently saw her in Moose Jaw for her wedding (she lives in Toronto though). Nehal is so many things. My confident, my twin, my encourager. She's the one who encourages my writing. I hadn't seen her in about four years. The last time I saw her was the last time I lived in Saskatoon. Although we text almost every day... sometimes twice a week, we haven't seen each other in that long. She was the first person I texted (and told) when I found out I was pregnant. I was so happy to be at her wedding. It made me sad at the same time because I realised how much I missed her. She's one of my closest friends and we were keeping up our relationship through technology.

Basically, I realised that I need to make more of an effort to see her. I will be making a trip to Toronto as soon as I can. Plus getting out of Saskatchewan every once a while would be pretty great.

Library isn't so important. I got a library card, and was beyond excited because as I walked around the library my English major self came back. And I loved it. I didn't realised I missed the library until I was there. Not quite the same as the Nehal story.

Lastly, I'm starting to write again. Fiction. Not blog/non-fiction. By starting, I mean I wrote yesterday and I love it. I might not write as much here. Not that I was writing a lot.

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