Tuesday, January 01, 2013


I don't think I did this last year. I didn't write them on my blog. I did do resolutions in my journal. The first one was to get out of bed every morning. It was vital to me that I didn't end up the way I was after the miscarriage. And... I succeeded. There were other resolutions - goals - but that was the first one on the list.

So I did them again this year. I've slowly been adding to the list for a couple of days now. I've already written them in my journal, but I want to share them on here as well. Maybe saying I'm going to do something in a place that people may or may  not read will force me to follow through.

These aren't in order of importance, they aren't really in any order at all. Just the way I wrote them in my journal.

  • This year, I will be more social. 
    • This includes seeing my friends more
    • Making new friends.
    • Maybe put my book down at work every once in a while, and mingle with co-workers
    • Basically, stop my anti-social tendencies (Quick, related story, while I had planned to do nothing on New Year's Eve, my landlord (she lives upstairs) invited me up for a get together with her friends... I soooo wanted to be anti-social and stay home and write, but though if I broke this resolution coming into the New Year, it would be a pretty bad sign.)
  • This year I will read more.
    • I can't read when I have the TV on. I can't concentrate. Ironically, I don't really have TV, just shows on DVD. So if I slow down on those (which I've seen more than once), I can spend more time in books. I'm excited about this one. All books.
  •  I'll write more. (a constant resolution/goal). I will stop procrastinating from the thing I love.
    • Write about books I've read
    • Write in my journal
    • Blog
    • Fiction
  • I will save money. No explanation needed. Learning how to budget is pretty much needed.
  • I will continue to eat healthy and exercise
    • No fast food unless it's a road trip
    • Walk and exercise
  • I want to learn new things. Expand myself. I know I can read, and I know I can write. I want to learn about those things I hated in school. Math, history, everything. I know I can do it, I just didn't want to before. 
  • I want to have no regrets. I want to go into 2014 being completely happy with my choices, and completely happy with 2013. I don't want to have a moment where I'm upset with the year. It's not the year, it's me.
  • I'm going to work harder. At everything. Actual work, relationships, writing, life.
  • I resolve to never drink tequila again (unless it's in Baja Rosa). It does me no good. I'm done with my old friend.
  • I'm going to listen more to my friends, and be there for them. 
  • I'm going to talk about how I'm feeling. To people... not just to a blog (passive aggressive and all).
  • Last... I'm going to let go of the past and move on. Live in the present, and let go of any anger, pain or sadness I have.
  • Worry less. Maybe a year without a panic attack.
That's it. That's enough. I've got my work cut out for me.

Until next time. Happy 2013.

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