Thursday, July 05, 2012


I'm getting that feeling. The restless feeling. I'm sorry to any friends from Saskatoon reading this because usually when I get this feeling, I start looking at other places. I can actually guarantee that's not going to happen any time soon -unless I win the lottery. I heard you have to buy tickets to win the lottery, so I'm out.

I'm trying to make Saskatoon my home, but at times I just have the urge to get out and see what's left in the world. I'm flighty. It may or may not be a good quality. It's probably because I'm coming up on my year anniversary here. It's freaking me out. I love it. I love my family and friends being close, I love my job... I just feel like I'm missing out on everything else. It used to be, when I felt like this, I would just plan a trip somewhere... but I'm trying to dig myself out of debt (I will not be speaking about this other than the 'I'm broke whining'), and vacations don't help with that. I felt this in Whitecourt, but it was different. I over-stayed my welcome in a town I didn't enjoy. I was there too long, and it was my own fault I didn't leave.

Long story short, this feeling isn't anything new, it's just something I'm feeling right now. I'm very much looking forward to any sort of trip out of Saskatoon, just for something new. I went to Biggar, Saskatchewan with my family yesterday, and loved driving on the highway, and hanging out at the small town pizza place.

Now, speaking of my year anniversary, I'd really like this next year to be full of fun, and not full of drama... in fact, that's my one goal right now. More smiling and laughing, less worrying. Less roller coaster of emotions would be freaking fantastic.

I'm headed to Whitecourt this weekend -actually tomorrow night. Unlike last time, when I went up with my mom, I am feeling no stress at all, and quite calm about it. It helps that I was reminded last time of all the things I enjoyed while there, and I'm also going up for a wedding. Wedding's aren't sad events. I'm going up with a certain somebody who I am not willing to speak about on this blog yet. I am excited to make the trip with him, and share the beauty of Whitecourt with somebody. Also nice to have somebody to dance with at the wedding (until he discovers what a bad dancer I am.) It will be nice to spend time with him and my old co-workers from the radio station. All in all, it should be a great weekend, I just need to find time to see everybody who won't be at the wedding.

Also, getting out of town may help with the 'restlessness'. Even if it's back to the place I left a year ago.

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