Sunday, December 18, 2011


Maybe it's just the before Christmas stress, but I'm totally feeling stressed out about absolutely everything. I'm not good with stress. I'm good with let things happen as they may -which isn't always the best way to be. I need to figure out the things I'm stressed about, and fix them. Stress does not make a person happy, and I would rather be happy than anything. I know people aren't happy all the time, every day, and frankly I am creeped out by the people who pretend to be. Some people like to be 'comfortably numb' -I love to feel things. I just want to feel them, and move on. Somehow and sometime.

However, feeling things and feeling stress are two completely different things.

I guess that's something else to add to my goals for the New Year. Deal with my stress, and fix what's causing it. I'm not going to write about all my stresses in here because as honest as I've been, I realise that it's not just my friends who are reading this, and don't need to air un-needed problems for all to read. I started this speaking about miscarriage because I felt like it was a topic mostly ignored. That doesn't mean I want to talk about every single detail of my life. Mostly because I think that would be even more boring that it is now.

And that seems like a good place to end this. Time to take a trip to my real journal -it's neglected lately.

Have a good night.

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