Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Goodbye Seoul, It's been a blast

I've decided to put some pictures up that will remind me of my year in Seoul, and since this is my new blog, people can quickly see what I was up to last year. This has taken forever to put them up, and I need to go to bed soon, so I'll write some quick comments, and go to bed. This isn't even a little of what I did, but I'm tired of putting more pics up. These pictures aren't quite in order either, but it'll have to do.

This was taken in August maybe, on a rainy day. It's the 63 building and me. The sign says Thrill Deck, which I thought was funny.

This is Sus and I outside of Seoul, enjoying the water.

This is Sarah, EJ, Sus, Hana, and I at a bar called Tinpan.

This is Sus's b-day

This is my 25th birthday. We are in a cab and that's as much as I can remember other than coming home with police and having many bruises on my legs the next day.

This was the Martial Arts Festival in October. I was posed.

The was at a wedding. My first Korean wedding.

This is the bride and groom. Also the bride is my boss, Rachel.

This was at a Buddhist Temple we stayed at when we were getting the Buddhist experience.

I went paragliding twice. I'm pretty sure this picture was taken the second time, but it was one of the greatest feelings ever. That's my feet when I'm in the air.

I think someone else took this one of me, or I took it of someone else. Not sure.



Our Christmas in Seoul. Susan invited about 15 or so people over to celebrate Christmas at her house.

New Years. This is Sus, me, EJ, and Chris at City Hall in Seoul.

Sus, me, James

These two pics are of my first time snowboarding. I was really good!

This is Sus's last weekend in Seoul. In March, I believe. This was at a chicken restaurant.

This is in April. Somewhere near Insadong in Seoul.

Sarah's birthday. All you can eat and drink for a set price. I don't remember how much.

My second wedding. This is a Kinder teacher.

On our way up Seoul tower, we found cacti! Fun fun.

Back to Sus's goodbye. The party was at my house. That's my hand there.

Skipping back a little, this is Sarah, Sus and I at the skatepark near my apartment.

Skipping ahead a lot... These two pics are at the lantern festival in Insadong, for Buddha's birthday.

This is taken at the aquarium in COEX mall. Sarah and I had a weekend planned in Pusan with her friends, but had ticket difficulties so made the best of it in Seoul.

And went Bungee jumping. Well I didn't, but Sarah did. And I might someday.

This is swimming in the ocean at Jeju island. During and after. It was cold, but great!

On the rocks at the coastline in Jeju. Mike and I.

This is GoKarting on my last Tuesday ever in Seoul.

Sarah, Chris, EJ and Adrian were over for my last night in Seoul.

This is my kitchen.

This is Sarah doing a moose impression because I will be visiting MooseJaw while home.

And going back again, this is Sus and I on one of our weekend daytrips around Seoul.

This is the Mud Festival, outside of Seoul. Definitely a great time!

Okay, that's it. I defiantly skipped a lot... like when my arm was in a sling for three weeks... but maybe later.


Umm... I apologise, I know the pics don't all match the comments about them, I'm too lazy to try to fix it though, it looked fine before I published it.

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