Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do One Thing A Day That Scares You

"Do one thing a day that scares you'. I have a lulu lemon bag that sits in my bathroom (It holds bathroom stuff), and that's one of the things it says. It has a lot of inspirational saying, but that's the one I notice first. In fact, I'll probably be quoting more from the bag in different posts.

I've already hopped off the topic. For a while in my life, I was completely comfortable with myself, with my life, and I felt invincible. I felt like I could do anything, and nothing scared me. Since than, life has kicked me, and I've changed. I'm scared of a lot more. In other words, to do one thing a day that scares me, shouldn't be hard to do. I'm scared of a lot of things. However, it feels like I've been letting life pass me by.

While, I don't think I'll be bungee jumping anytime soon, just coming back to this blog is a little bit scary to me. I know I'm a good writer, but I'm planning to write things here that are personal. I'm planning on at some point telling the story about life kicking me when I'm down. Not today though. I need to start slowly.

The other worry I have about blog writing is that I don't have a lot to say that deems important enough to write in a blog (in my opinion). If you've looked at the other entries, they're not very interesting. Possibly because I haven't made them interesting. I loved writing when I traveled. It seemed like it was something people enjoyed reading, and a great way to remember my trip. As well, I love reading blogs from people travelling, and doing exciting things. Or people going through scary things. I highly recommend The Bees Knees. You should be able to google it. It's about a very brave woman (only in her late 20s) going through a battle with breast cancer. She was candid and honest about everything, and let people know what she was going through. It was well written, and so very sad.

Those are the blogs that people should read. I'm not there. This is going to be about my thoughts and my life. When I get brave enough, I will be completely candid, and talk about the last few years.

Obviously, because the last entry was written in 2007, and it's now 2010 a lot has changed. So to quickly update on my life, I'm living in Whitecourt Alberta right now. I came here for a sales position at the local country radio station. I LOVED working in radio (before sales, I was a Creative Writer for the commercial), but I didn't love sales. I met Cameron here. He'll be mentioned a lot.
That's enough for now. I'm going to try to write a lot, but I can't guarantee that.


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