Wednesday, December 13, 2006

whoa... flashback

Consequently, while looking at my last tease of a blog I realised, that if I were still with Garnet, the day before that entry would have been our 7 year anniversary of dating. Shit that's weird. What's more strange is that I met a new guy that day.

Enough of that, tonight is my update night, but unfortunately it won't last long b/c I haven't seen my cat in more than a day, and he really wants some attention, and pretty soon he'll be sitting on my laptop... guess that means I should take a break and watch the latest Torchwood. OOOhhh, I love that show.

Where was I going? Oh yeah, I have been so busy lately that I haven't had time to write at all, and today I finally had a chance to write in my paper joural (for lack of better words) before I went to work. It felt good, and I'm almost finished it. I love being finished journals because it's like and end of something, and time to start fresh. I love it. And I need it right now very badly.

I'm still working two jobs, but may not be able to keep the job at Coles after Christmas... because I like to have the occasional day off.

Good news though... Christmas is coming, and I am not prepared in the slightest... although I did put up a beautiful Christmas tree.

Okay, gotta go.


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